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Address: 67 Anyang Road Teng-ao 
                  Special Area,Anshan,
Zip code:114225
Tel:+ 86 412 8328591
Fax:+ 86 412 8328591
Email:[email protected]
Jingang is a corporate enterprise founded by Ansteel in June of 1993. There are more than 110 employees now, including 8 quality inspectors, 12 technicians, 10 managerial personnel and more than 80 skilled workers. The company covers a total area of 40,000m2, and a building area of 15,000 m2. Equipped with more than 150 sets of various kinds of forging, machining and inspection equipments, Jingang is a custom open-die forger specialized in forging, heat treating and machining, material covers ferrous metal and aluminum, copper and titanium alloy. The company’s daily output is 30t of forgings, the maximum single weight is 14t, minimum is 5kg. Jingang’s dominant products are H13, 5CrNiMo die steel. Products are exported directly to Europe, America, Japan and Russia.
Our missions are “Honest and Dedication”, “Efficient and Innovation”, “Quality and Cost competitive”, “Sustainable growth”.
Production and Capacity:
(1) Daily production capacity of open die forging and heat treatment is 70t separately. Maximum weight of single piece is 28t, and minimum is 5kg.
(2) All kinds of forged steel for moulds, with an annual production capacity of 3000 tons.
(3) Various grade forging material complied with API 6A specification, used for wellhead equipment, such as casing head, tubing head, block valve bodies and others, with an annual production capacity of 5000 tons.
casing head/tubing head/valve body
unusual shape
die steel
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Address: 67 Anyang Road Teng-ao Special Area, Anshan, Liaoning, P.R.China. Tel: +86-412-8328591
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